Serious Content Writing

We specialise in crafting beautifully responsive and stunning websites for your business.
We create unique portfolio pages, small business websites and fully-fledged e-commerce sites.
Combining our love of typography, layout and digital design, we can be the right developers for you.

Creative digital elements

At Serious Bear, designing and developing websites that are optimised for mobile and tablet devices is an important aspect of the work we do. As the world moves speedily towards a digitally-driven era, having a website that is unique and striking, yet practical has become vital for businesses everywhere. Our backgrounds in graphic and layout design in combination with a love for building websites and email marketing will make sure that your business is ready for the digital era.

We're able to give clients a number of different digital options from carefully designed HTML and EDMs, to CMS options with custom-built Wordpress sites, to powerful E-Commerce sites which put customer sales at their fingertips. Whether your business plans are purely digital or you just need a website to compliment your existing offline correspondence, we're here to ensure that your brand's ideas and communication are consistently represented in the digital world.

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