Serious Product Designs

We design aesthetically pleasing and functional products from your concept pitches.
We create professional general assembly drawings and 3-D rendered images from engineering software Solidworks, and produce iterations of designs through concept renderings and 3D printing.

Product / Industrial Design

Product/industrial design is the design, prototyping, refinement, creation and packaging of products. At serious bear, we are attentive to the details of our client’s desires. We will work hand-in-hand with the client’s idea to create something aesthetically pleasing and innovative that can be ready for mass production

Our process begins with your concept pitch; whether it is to create and innovate a completely new object, or to refine an existing product to make it more ergonomic, functional, or aesthetically pleasing. We begin with concept sketches through thumbnail and hand-drawn product renderings, to 3-D modelling using Solidworks (CAD). Iterations of your product development can be seen through general assembly drawings and full-scale exploded views of your product. We also have an in-house 3D printer so that your prototypes can be printed efficiently and at low costs. For more hands-on designs, we also have access to industrial workshops to create your products through raw materials. The last and optional stage of what we offer is to source competitive and quality manufacturing rates. We have a close relationship with many factories in Taiwan that manufacture quality products at affordable rates.

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Recent Projects

  • Hero Stationery Figurines
  • Animal Stationery Figurines
  • Monster Stationery Figurines
  • Egyptian Chess Set