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Intonation Sound Event

Intonation was a project to create branding and advertising material for a festival of noise.

The premise behind the event was that it was going to be a part-experimental music concert event and part artistic celebration of the cutting edges of mainstream culture. The music which would be presented and perform at the event would be far from the common radio-friendly rock bands. Only musicians from around the world who truly consider their music a form of 'art' will be invited to play. Traditional song structures and melodies will be thrown out and instruments might range from completely detuned guitars to esoteric sound waves to found objects.

I wanted to create a design and branding that was in itself experimental and represented a deconstruction and chaos of traditional structure, but also I wanted in a way to hint at the graphic traditions of Swiss design and the grid structures associated with it. In this way, artwork can represent the idea that in order to dismantle art you must first really understand and master its traditions first.